Windshield Shop Tips on Adhesive

Urethane Versus Butyl Windshield Adhesive: Never Compromise on Safety

Not many people know, but as such there are still no enforced safety standards with regards to windshield repair. Meaning each and every windshield shop can make their own decisions about what materials they use.

If you need to replace your windshield, you should always insist on having it fixed the same way the manufacturer did. One important element of a windshield replacement is the adhesive that is used to make sure it remains firmly in place. Without this, your windshield will not be safe and could pop out at any time.

Urethane Adhesive

When you bring your car into the shop to get its windshield replaced, the auto glass repair professional will take you through the adhesion process before it is done. They should describe how they will take out the old windshield adhesive, install a primer, and then use auto glass urethane on the new installation.

The urethane must then be left to sit for a while after it is applied in order to cure properly and create a secure seal. This step is very important to a successful and safe installation. A full 24 hour cure time is recommended. Some windshield repair shops have a tendency to cut corners when it comes to windshields, which can result in major problems and even injury or death if a serious accident happens. One way they will cut corners is by using Butyl windshield adhesive instead of Urethane adhesive.

Butyl Sealant

Butyl is not actually an adhesive, but a sealant. It will not cure or get hard after it is used, which means it doesn’t create the hard bond that urethane does. It was commonly used until the 1970s and is half the price of urethane. This means many installers will continue to use it despite the fact that it is not deemed as safe.

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