Why Tempered Glass Is Vital in an Automobile

Why Tempered Glass Is Vital in an Automobile

How to Recognise Tempered Glass When Having a Windshield Replacement & Repair Done

Tempered glass is one of two types of safety glass which are always used when a windshield replacement & repair is done. Tempered glass is stronger than normal glass and will not break into shards should it be broken. It is made by a process of extreme heat and rapid cooling, thus ensuring it is much tougher than standard glass.

The brittle composition of tempered glass makes it shatter into oval type pebbles when broken. This removes any danger of sharp edges. Due to this, and its strength, tempered glass is also known as safety glass.

The thermal process which cures tempered glass makes it resistant to heat. This type of glass is also used to make carafes in coffee makers, and windows in ovens. Computer screens, door windows, sky lights, and shower doors are all prime examples of places find tempered glass is used. Building codes require windows in most public structures to be made from tempered glass.

Automobiles use a different kind of safety glass for windshield replacement & repair, and tempered glass is normally installed in the back and side windows. Windshields are comprised of laminated glass, this has a plastic layer sandwiched between two sheets of glass. When a windshield fails, the glass panels adhere to the plastic film, instead of falling into the car thus injuring the driver and passengers.

Tempered glass has a unique way with which it breaks. Should any part of the glass fail, the whole panel shatters immediately. This distinguishes it from standard glass, which may get a small crack or breakage from an impact. Tempered glass may fail long after the event which caused the failure in the first place.

In recent years, acrylic is replacing tempered glass in several uses with which heat is not a factor. Acrylic is more impact resistant than glass, and will not shatter the same as tempered glass. Instead, it dents should the impact be strong enough. Should the force be sufficient to make acrylic fail, it will crack and not shatter.

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