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Windshield Repair Deductibles

If your vehicle sustains windshield damage, the first thing you should do before bringing your car to an auto repair service is to contact your insurance company. It is crucial to report the claim to your insurer before you make any repair or else you may have to pay more than you should.

Coverage Windshield chip repair is usually covered under the “glass” or “windshield” line item in the “comprehensive coverage” section of your insurance policy. You should know that if you only carry mandatory liability insurance, then the repair will not be covered.

Zero-Deductible states If you’re lucky enough to live in a zero-deductible state, then your insurance company will waive your deductibles. South Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts, and California are currently the only states where there are laws on the books stating that your insurer should cover your windshield repair costs.

No-deductible The cost for repairing a chipped windshield usually varies between $50 to $100. Since the deductible is somewhere around $100, many car owners will decide to replace the windshield rather than repair. If this is the case, the insurer will have to foot a bigger bill. So, in order to make the situation a win-win, many insurance companies will agree to waive the deductible and pay the full costs if the owner agrees to repair the windshield instead of replace.

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