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Windshield and Auto Glass Care

How to Avoid a Rather Expensive Glass Repair Service

Taking good care of your car means that you should take care of every single part of it. This means that windows and windshields require some attention too. Failing to take care of these parts of your car can lead to numerous problems, including increased expenses due to the need for a glass repair service. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your windshield and windows in good condition.

Park your car in a sheltered environment Drivers often forget that when they park their cars in open spaces, things can drop on the windshield and break it. Twigs falling from trees, debris falling from buildings, or sudden hailstorms can all cause cracks and fissures in auto glass. Parking in a garage or sheltered area can prevent the need for windshield replacement.

Keeping a safe distance from vehicles in front of you No matter how odd it may sound, keeping a safe distance between your vehicle and the ones in front of you while you drive can indeed help prevent damage to your windshield. When you drive too close to the vehicle in front of you, pebbles flung by the wheels of these other cars can hit your auto glass. What’s even worse is that most insurance carriers don’t offer reimbursement for such cases.

Make sure your wipers are in good condition Worn out or damaged wipers can scratch your windshield. In time, these scratches can cause your entire windshield to lose its clarity. You must make sure that your car’s wipers are always clean and in good working condition. As a rule of thumb, you should replace your wipers every two years.

Don’t slam your car doors Slamming can cause your windows and windshield to vibrate, which may result in chips and cracks. Constantly slamming your doors will also cause the fissures to expand, leading to the need of a glass repair service.

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