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Window Tinting FAQ (Part 1)

Find Out the Answers to All Your Automotive Window Tinting Service Related Questions

Alliance Glass & Mirror is one of the best auto glass tinting contractors in Albuquerque NM. In our 40 years of experience, we’ve managed to deliver numerous tinting projects. However, we also noticed that many people don’t know much about the automotive window tinting service. So, we’ve decided to answer some of the most common questions here.

Q. How should I clean my tinted windows in order to ensure they will last as long as possible?

A. Tint films are pretty tough. They rarely get affected by improper washing techniques. However, if there is one thing that you should avoid is ammonia. Ammonia-based cleaning products can make the tint film weaker. So, as long as you use a non-ammonia window cleaner, you’ll be fine.

Q. Can you apply tint films even during cold or wet weather? A. First of all, our auto shop offers a controlled environment. Regardless of the weather outside, we will always apply your tints in a proper environment. However, the modern adhesive systems found in today’s tinting products will allow you to tint a window even in freezing weather.

Q. How fast does the film dry? A. The drying time for typical tints is about a couple of days. However, metalized tints are an exception. Due to the slow-drying process they are subjected to, metalized tints can take more than 2 weeks to dry completely. During this period, the window may look blurry.

Q. What causes window tints to bubble? A. V rays from the sun are the number one culprit for tint bubbling problems. However, a properly appllied tint should never develop bubbles. This is why, you should hire a professional automotive window tinting service provider if you want to tint your car’s windows.

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