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Why Our Services Are Better than the Competition

The Reasons Why People Prefer Our Windshield Replacement & Repair Services

Auto glass repair and replacement is a complex and elaborate job. Each type of car manufacturer uses different types of auto glass. Furthermore, the “gluing” method differs from one type of vehicle to another. The bottom line here is that auto glass replacement requires a lot of research, knowledge, and professional tools in order to pull it off. However, our technicians are the most experienced and knowledgeable glass repairers in the business. If you’re looking for a professional windshield replacement & repair service, you should definitely come to us. Here’s what you get in return.

Top-of-the-Line Products Product quality is one of the things that makes us better than the rest. While most auto glass contractors use cheap windshields just so that they can charge more for their labor, we use only high-quality windshields. Our auto glass products were manufactured according to the latest ANSI (American National Standards Institute) rules and regulations. Furthermore, we offer warranties on all our products.

Quality Services Like we said, replacing a windshield is not a job for amateurs. First of all, you will need some high-tech tools in order to pull the old windshield out. Yes, you can smash it, but then you’ll have to clean broken glass from the entire car. Once you take the old windshield out, the old glue (polyurethane) has to be cleaned from the car’s body. Here, professionals use special solutions that dissolve the urethane without affecting the car’s paint job. Finally, new urethane is applied on the car’s body and windshield, and then the new windshield will be set in place. Be advised, once the windshield is lowered on the car’s body, it cannot be moved. The car has to stay for at least a couple of hours in a controlled environment (windshield replacement & repair shop) so that the glue has time to settle.

If you reside in Albuquerque NM and are looking for a professional windshield replacement & repair service provider, contact Alliance Glass & Mirror at (505) 907-3453. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.