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What Causes a Windshield to Crack?

Learn How to Avoid a Rather Expensive Windshield Chip Repair Service

Windshield cracks can surprise even the most astute car owner, especially when there were no outward signs of a crack, chip, or hole to begin with. It’s only a matter of time until the owner will again be confounded to find that, from a small and insignificant chip, now the entire windshield is distorted as the crack has lengthened. The only thing you can do when the crack becomes bigger than nine inches is to replace the entire windshield. So, if you want to get away with only a windshield chip repair service, then you need to take immediate action.

Here’s what can cause a windshield to crack in the first place.

Direct Impact The most damaging windshield chips can be attributed to road hazard impacts, particularly rocks, stones, and gravel. They can be slung across the lane from a vehicle passing in the opposite direction or kicked up from behind a car that drives in front of you. Obvious strikes may cause large cracks and chips which may immediately extend into spider-webbing (the most common form of windshield cracks). Small gravel pieces can cause only a small chip or pit which is very small and hard to spot. Even these small chips can cause problems in time. Moisture gets between the layers of glass moving them in all directions. If the crack is not fixed in a timely manner, the entire windshield will become distorted.

Structural Weakness Many windshields develop cracks or chips near their edges, at a point about 3 inches away from the windshield’s end mold. This usually occurs due to manufacturing flaws or mechanical stress. If the windshield has been recently replaced and the installer hasn’t allowed enough time for the polyurethane glue to cure, the windshield my develop weak spots at the edges. Even small added pressure can cause the windshield to crack at these areas.

If your car’s windshield has a crack or chip, then you should schedule a windshield chip repair as soon as possible. Those of you who reside in Albuquerque NM should contact Alliance Glass & Mirror. We offer quality products and reliable services. Call us at (505) 907-3453 for more details.