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Tips on DIY Windshield Repair

What You Need to Know before Undertaking a Windshield Chip Repair on Your Own

Fixing a damaged windshield on your own can save you a significant amount of money. However, it can also cost you a lot more if you don’t do it right. Some chips and cracks can be fixed at home, while others require a professional windshield chip repair service. So, before you start any physical work on your windshield, make sure that you have the tools, knowledge, and the necessary experience for the job. Here are a few things to consider when repairing a damaged windshield.

Insurance The first thing you should do is to check with your insurance carrier to see if a deductible applies. Many windshield repairs are covered by the insurance company. In most cases, the insurer will agree to cover the expenses just to prevent a much costly replacement. So, if you have this opportunity, then you’d better take it.

Rock chips Truth to be told, repairing a small chip is quite easy to do on your own. All you need is a windshield repair kit that you can find at pretty much any local auto parts stores. However, in order for the repair to pass the test of time, the chip must be smaller than a quarter. If the chip is larger, then you should hire a professional windshield chip repair service provider.

Small cracks If the crack is less than two inches long, then you can fix it yourself. The kits are pretty similar with those for fixing chips, and you can also find them at any local auto parts stores. The kit contains a syringe that sucks the air out of the crack and then fills with epoxy.

Spider cracks Spider cracks are very hard to fix. In most cases, you may have to replace the entire windshield. However, consider consulting a professional before you make any decisions. Alliance Glass & Mirror is an experienced and reliable windshield chip repair service provider.

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