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The Key to a Perfectly-Stretched Auto Glass Tint

Tinting is not a job for inexperienced people. If you’ve never done something similar before, then we strongly suggest that you don’t start practicing on your vehicle. There are many companies out there that offer quality and affordable auto glass & tinting services, all you have to do is just give one a call. However, just because you may choose a professional to do the job for you does not mean that you should not get familiar with the process. Here are some key elements for a perfectly-installed auto glass tint.

Always use help. Handling tint films can be quite tricky if you plan to do it on your own. You need at least one more person to help you place the tint film right the first time.
Apply just the right amount of water. Before you apply a tint film on a glass, you first need to spray some water. Water will activate the bonding agent so that it will stick to the glass properly. You should be very careful how much water you apply though. Too much water can wash out the glue from the tint, while not enough water can make the tint to develop scratches.
Use a special knife for trimming the excess. After the tint is installed, you will have to trim the excess. It is crucial that you use a special knife for this process. The cuts must be very precise and clean.

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