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How to Repair Your Rear Window Defroster

Information Offered by a Professional Glass Repair Service Provider

As you know, the rear window of your vehicle is different than the windshield. The main difference is that the rear window has a defroster grid installed on the inside. The grid has the purpose of defrosting the glass using graphite elements that heat up when electricity passes through them. However, since these graphite lines are very sensitive to scratches, they often get damaged. Once a graphite line is damaged, the entire system’s defrosting capability is compromised. One way to fix this problem is to bring your car to an auto glass repair service. Here’s how they usually repair rear window defroster grids.

The first thing the technician will do is clean the window properly. Using a soft cloth and window cleaner, he will remove all dirt and debris from the glass, from both sides. It’s imperative to clean it inside and out because he needs to see through the glass in order to discern the breaches in the grid.

Using a multimeter (an electrical device that measures conductivity), the technician will determine which lines are interrupted. If the multimeter indicated no conductivity, then the respective line is damaged and needs to be fixed.

Once all the breaks in the grid lines have been identified, it is time to repair them. Most glass repair service providers use special kits that are designed specifically for fixing defroster grids. However, before they can use the kit, they need to wipe the glass clan one more time in order to remove any oily fingerprints or residue.

The kit contains a vial of conductive paint, a masking tape, and several tools. The masking tape should be placed on both sides of the damaged line so that the paint will stay in place. The technician will shake the vial, and then brush the paint over the scratch. Several layers may be applied.

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