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How to Get Bubbles out of Car Window Tinting Films

Auto glass tinting is one of the most popular aftermarket features; however, it does not come without flaws. One of the most common problems with car window tinting are bubbles trapped between the glass and the film itself. There are many reasons why this occurs, but the most common one is poor installation. However, if your tinting film has bubbles, then here’s what you can do to get them out.

  • Move your car to a sunny area and leave it under the sun for a couple of hours. This will make the adhesive more malleable so that you can you can rework it easier.
  • Spray fresh water onto the film, Make sure that the spray bottle is set on its finest misting option.
  • Pop each bubble with a pin. If more bubbles are in the same area, gather all of them under one bubble by pushing them with a credit card towards the center.
  • Smooth each bubble with a card. Place your card at a 45-degree angle and start sliding it over the bubbles until all the air comes out.

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