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How to Fix Peeling Auto Glass Tint Films

Tips and Tricks Offered by a Professional Automotive Window Tinting Service Provider

Car window tints are a great addition to any vehicle. They offer protection against UV radiation, increase the vehicle’s security feature, and add elegance and curb appeal. However, installing them is a tricky job. And since not all automotive window tinting service providers are the same, it’s not unusual for car owners to notice that their freshly installed window tints started peeling already.

Auto glass tints can peel when the glue dries out and hardens due to sun exposure. If this is the case, the tint film can be entirely reapplied, selectively replaced, or repaired. If the peel is small enough, then sectional replacement is the best option. Here’s how peeling car window tints can be fixed.

The first thing you need to do is cut off the section of the tint that is peeling. Using a razor blade, cut around the damaged section to the edge of the window. Keep in mind that window tint films have two layers, so make sure you cut all the way to the glass.

The next step is to remove the peel completely without disproving the glue. For this operation, use nothing else but distilled water. Spray the peel with water and allow the glue to harden. Insert the edge of the razor blade between the glass and the tint and push it until the damaged tint starts to peel away from the glass. Once the peel is removed, clean the glass from any residual glue and allow it to dry properly.

Cut a piece of tint film half an inch larger than the section of exposed glass. Spray water onto the car window, peel the clear plastic backing from the tint film, and place the glued side of the film against the wet glass.

Use a squeegee to push out the air bubbles from between the tint and the glass, and then cut away the excess film. The closer the cut is to the edge of the undamaged film, the more professional the result will be.

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