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How to Clean and Maintain Your Auto Glass

A Few Easy Ways to Avoid a Costly Windshield Replacement & Repair Service

Your car’s windshield is exposed to all sorts of debris, from bugs and dirt to bird droppings. If you don’t clean it regularly, all these debris can affect the clarity of your auto glass and obstruct your visibility. Luckily, maintaining a windshield clean and clear is not a hard task. As a matter of fact, you can even do it yourself. Taking care of your auto glass on a regular basis can help you avoid a rather expensive windshield replacement & repair service.

  • The first step is choosing an auto glass cleaner. Make sure it does not contain alcohol, ammonia, or any other solution that may produce fumes.
  • Another reason for not using ammonia when cleaning a windshield is that it’s causing rubber, vinyl, and plastic to dry out. Additionally, it can damage any tint that you may have on your auto glass.
  • The towel you use plays a crucial role in the quality of the final result. You must purchase a microfiber towel of at least 300 GSM. These towels are lint free and can hold up to six times their weight in water.
  • Another very important aspect of auto glass cleaning is the buffing motion. The traditional circular motion is not the best way to clean a windshield. An up and down then back and forth motion offers better results.
  • The glass quality influences the cleaning process. If your windshield is cracked, chipped, or damaged in any way, you should have it replaced immediately. You should use only professional windshield replacement & repair service providers for the task. We highly recommend Alliance Glass & Mirror in Albuquerque NM. They offer quality services at fair rates. You can book an appointment with them at (505) 907-3453.
  • When cleaning your windshield, use two towels: one for removing dirt and debris and another one for buffing.

You should clean your windshield on a regular basis. This way, you ensure that dust and dirt particles will not damage it. You should also avoid using your wipers when the windshield is extremely dirty. Dust particles can adhere to the wipers, causing scratches on your windshield.