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Electrochromic Mirrors – New Features That Can Be Attached to Your Windshield

A recent study has shown that 30% of road accidents occur due to impaired vision. Although the term “impaired vision” is used more generally here, the fact that such a huge number of accidents occur due to some sort of problems related to the ability to see as clear as possible through your auto glass is mesmerizing. Today, we will present a new feature for your car that may help reduce glare in your back-mirror. The device is called electrochromic mirror and has the ability to reduce glare from headlights of vehicles approaching from behind.

An electrochromic mirror is composed of two mirror lenses and a special color-changing gel pressed in between. A rear-facing sensor detects glare while a front-facing sensor measure ambient exterior light. When glare is detected, the gel darkens, thus reducing glare; however, it maintains visibility in the ambient light.

Electrochromic mirrors have had such a huge success that many high-class automotive manufactures have started implementing them into their vehicles. However, you can still purchase the device as a stand-alone unit and install it on your windshield yourself.

In order for electrochromic mirrors to function properly, your windshield and back window must be in perfect condition. So, if you have a chip or crack in your auto glass, then you have to fix it before installing an electrochromic mirror.

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