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Different Types of Tint Films

How to Choose the Right Type of Auto Glass Tinting Service for Your Vehicle

Glass tints are multi-purpose tools these days. Although they are often seen as a way to improve the look of a vehicle, tint films can also be used on the windows of office buildings, homes, and other types of constructions. The main purpose of installing tint films on a window or auto glass is to improve privacy and regulate the amount of light that enters through the window or auto glass. But, before you hire an auto glass tinting service provider, you must get familiar with the different types of tint films you have to choose from.

Dyed Films Dyed films are perhaps the most commonly used types of tint films. They contain a dye that helps reduce visibility and absorb heat. When sunlight hits the auto glass, most of the heat is absorbed by the dye. Additionally, the heat that passes through evaporates before entering the cockpit.

Metalized Films These types of tint films contain a thin layer of metal which absorbs radiation and heat and also reflects light. There are many types of metals that can be used, each metal offering different levels of reflection and absorption. Before you choose a metalized film, make sure you consult an auto glass tinting service provider to get familiar with all the metals you can choose from.

Hybrid Films These films combine the best of both metalized and dyed films. In other words, they bring together the reflecting benefits of metalized films and the absorbing powers if dyed films. One of the advantages of hybrid films is the fact that they are a lot lighter than metalized or dyed tint films.

Ceramic Films These films are quite new in the tinting industry; however, they come with outstanding benefits. Besides their amazingly high levels of absorption and reflection, ceramic films are strengthening the glass they are applied on.

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