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Care and Cleaning of New Auto Glass Tint Films

Things You Need to Do after the Automotive Window Tinting Service

Installing window tints on your car’s auto glass is a very good idea. These tints come with many benefits, including protection against UV radiation, increased vehicle safety, added strength to the auto glass, etc. However, once installed, these tints need special care and upkeep in order to stay in good condition. As a professional automotive window tinting service provider, I always make sure that my clients get proper information about tint film maintenance.

  • Avoid rolling windows down for at least 2 days. For the adhesive to settle properly, you need to avoid rolling your freshly tinted windows for at least 48 hours. Failing to do so may result in the formation of air bubbles under the tint film or even peeling.
  • Allow for proper drying time. After the installation, your windows may look cloudy and hazy. This is perfectly normal. During installation, some moisture gets trapped between the film and the glass. For the next couple of days, these water vapors will work their way out of the film. The amount of time before your new tint films will be completely dry depends on the weather condition. If it’s sunny and your car is exposed to direct sunlight, it may take less than two days. If it’s cloudy, then it may take even a week.
  • Don’t clean freshly installed tints. You need to wait at least three days until you can safely clean your new tinted auto glass. The first cleaning is also very important. We strongly suggest you use a special product such as “Eagle One” which is specifically designed for tinted window cleaning.
  • Since the tints are installed on the inside part of the auto glass, care should be used when exiting the vehicle. In some cars, the seat belt will snap into the glass causing little chips in the window film.

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