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Car Glass Cleaning Tips

A clean windshield not only looks better, but it also helps you drive better. Auto glass cleaning may sound like a pretty straightforward task to most people, but we assure you that it is not. There are several crucial things that you need to know about your car’s windows and the way you should clean them.

First of all, you should stay away from any cleaners that contain ammonia. Ammonia is very efficient when it comes to removing grease for surfaces, but it also comes with disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantage is that ammonia releases toxic fumes which can cause severe health problems. It is also important to mention that most household window cleaners contain ammonia. However, since these products are mostly used in open spaces, their impact on people’s health is greatly reduced. But, used in an enclosed area, such as inside a vehicle, ammonia can be quite dangerous.

Many people prefer to use clear water when washing their car’s windows. Although this is definitely a safer option, it does not provide the expected results. Clean water does not effectively remove grease, dust, and many other contaminants. So, if you want to get the most out of your auto glass cleaning project, then you should use products that are specifically designed for the job. Don’t forget to always use microfiber rags or you could scratch the glass.

Windshields that are severely scratched cannot be cleaned properly. In these cases, car owners should seek professionals to replace them. Alliance Glass & Mirror is the most reliable local auto glass shop in Albuquerque NM. We offer quality auto glass at reasonable rates.

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