How to Repair Your Rear Window Defroster

Information Offered by a Professional Glass Repair Service Provider As you know, the rear window of your vehicle is different than the windshield. The main difference is that the rear window has a defroster grid installed on the inside. The grid has the purpose of defrosting the glass using graphite elements that heat up when

17 Jun 2015

How to Fix Peeling Auto Glass Tint Films

Tips and Tricks Offered by a Professional Automotive Window Tinting Service Provider Car window tints are a great addition to any vehicle. They offer protection against UV radiation, increase the vehicle’s security feature, and add elegance and curb appeal. However, installing them is a tricky job. And since not all automotive window tinting service providers

10 Jun 2015

How to Repair Scratched Glass

A scratched auto glass, while functional, is still marred. Luckily, many scratches can be fixed as long as they are not too deep. As a rule of thumb, if the scratch is catching the tip of your fingernail, then it cannot be fixed. However, if the scratch is not deep, then you may be able

04 Jun 2015

What Causes a Windshield to Crack?

Learn How to Avoid a Rather Expensive Windshield Chip Repair Service Windshield cracks can surprise even the most astute car owner, especially when there were no outward signs of a crack, chip, or hole to begin with. It’s only a matter of time until the owner will again be confounded to find that, from a

03 Jun 2015

Window Tinting FAQ (Part 1)

Find Out the Answers to All Your Automotive Window Tinting Service Related Questions Alliance Glass & Mirror is one of the best auto glass tinting contractors in Albuquerque NM. In our 40 years of experience, we’ve managed to deliver numerous tinting projects. However, we also noticed that many people don’t know much about the automotive

27 May 2015

Car Tinting Laws

Auto glass tint installation comes with many benefits. By applying tint films on your car’s windows you enhance its appearance, increase its safety, and help protect your interior from damaging sun rays. Installing window tints is a job that should be performed by specialists in a specially designed environment. However, before you decide to install

20 May 2015

Electrochromic Mirrors – New Features That Can Be Attached to Your Windshield

A recent study has shown that 30% of road accidents occur due to impaired vision. Although the term “impaired vision” is used more generally here, the fact that such a huge number of accidents occur due to some sort of problems related to the ability to see as clear as possible through your auto glass

19 May 2015

Auto Glass Mold – A New Breed of Car Problems

How to Determine If You Need to Call a Windshield Replacement & Repair Specialist Everybody knows that mold is a very big problem, especially in regions where the weather is damp. We’ve all heard about mold growing on carpets, roofs, in between walls, and many other structural components, but only a few people know that

13 May 2015

The Role of the Windshield in a Car’s Safety Feature

Why You Should Always Hire a Professional for Your Windshield Replacement & Repair Needs A car’s windshield is a very important component, because it not only protects the driver and the passengers but also provides structural support for the car. Many car owners underestimate the importance of regular windshield inspection. Many windshields develop small cracks

06 May 2015

Ceramic vs Metallic Tint Films

Choosing a tint film for your vehicle is not easy, especially with all the options available. However, if you do some research, you’ll reach the conclusion that there are basically two major types of tint films that are really suitable for car applications. These types are metallic and ceramic. Here are some things that you

03 May 2015